TSMO Workforce Webinar Series: Workforce Training, Career Pathways, Industry Assessments

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Start Date:

April 09, 2020 from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EDT


This webinar series will provide an overview of how the TSMO Workforce Guidebook was developed and the resources that resulted from the completed the NCHRP report and on-going NOCoE efforts. The TSMO Workforce guidebook provides distinct information on approaches that have been used successfully for workforce training, career pathways and industry assessments developed with the input of TSMO agencies, experts in the field and a thorough literature review. Details of effective practices, models and example approaches and tools will be described and expanded during this webinar.

Target Audience

  • TSMO Practitioners all career levels
  • HR managers
  • Knowledge Management professionals

Learning Objectives

  • Provide an introduction to the TSMO Workforce Guidebook, resources and efforts for TSMO Workforce Development through NOCoE.



  • Patrick Son, P.E.


  • Todd Szymkowski, PE, PTOE
  • Stephanie Ivey, PhD

Event Type:


Organizational Capability Element:

  • Education, Training & Professional Activities
  • Organizational Structure/Staffing
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Staff Development